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If you are falling behind on your mortgage payments and your house isn’t worth what you owe or if you have stopped making payments completely in Cary, North Carolina, there are a few options you should consider: loan modification, refinance, rent the house out, or consider a short sale of your home. A loan mod or refinance are great options, but if they are not possibilities, you need to call Rich Vinesett--Cary, North Carolina Real Estate agent today!! 919-349-6315

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  • What is a short sale? It is when you sell your house for less than what you owe on the mortgage.
  • Are short sales difficult? They do require more paperwork and diligence than a normal sale but banks are becoming more streamlined in their short sale processes everyday
  • Is short selling a home better than foreclosure? Yes, you may be able to regain your credit in half the time it would take to regain if you let your home go into foreclosure
  • How long does a short sale take? It depends on the bank and the offers. A short sale can be complete in 45 days or can take many months to complete.
  • The foreclosure date has already been set on my home; can I still short sell it? YES! But you need to act quickly, so call Rich Vinesett today! 919-349-6315
  • How do I start the short sale process in Cary, North Carolina? You call Rich Vinesett at Freedom Realty Firm ASAP: 919-349-6315

Don’t wait and let your home go into foreclosure without understanding the possibilities of short selling your home in Cary, NC. If you have already received a notice of foreclosure proceeding on your home, pick up the phone right now and call Freedom Realty Firm at 919-349-6315. We may very likely be able to postpone the proceedings and save your home from Foreclosure.

Do not let your home go into foreclosure in Cary, North Carolina! Call Freedom Realty Firm for help: 919-349-6315. We have agents standing by waiting to help you.

Rich Vinesett is a short sale Real Estate agent in Cary, North Carolina.

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